WeHostels is joining the StudentUniverse family


Dear WeHostels community:

We are extremely happy to share with you the news that our company WeHostels is joining the StudentUniverse family, the world’s largest online travel agency for students and youth travelers.

Six years ago I left my home country of Argentina with the dream of discovering the world and hopefully contributing somehow to make it a better place. Almost three years ago the turn of events led me to become an entrepreneur and start a company with good friends. We started with a big dream: to inspire more young people to travel the world. The company was built on the belief that travel opens the mind and heart to the diversity of humanity, which in turn makes us better citizens of the world. As avid travelers and geeks ourselves, we discovered first hand the role that technology could play in democratizing travel. Our goal was to touch the lives of as many young people as possible, all over the world.

What an unbelievable ride it has been so far! As every entrepreneur working towards ambitious goals, we faced innumerable challenges and difficulties. We worked with passion and persistence, and every challenge ultimately made us stronger. We accomplished things that we couldn’t have even imagined, like being named “The Most Innovative Travel Startup of the Year” at the PhocusWright Conference from a field that included of dozens of the world’s top travel companies. Our apps were featured by Apple and Google and praised by the press on an international scale. Most importantly, we helped more than 200,000 young travelers plan their trips.

We are extremely excited to today to join the StudentUniverse family. As you may know, StudentUniverse is a global brand and the world’s largest online travel agency for students and youth. They provide exclusive travel deals for their users including flights, tours, rails and hotels. Over the last 13 years their international team of over 100 employees across the US, the UK, Portugal and the Philippines have helped millions of people travel the world.

When we first entertained the idea of joining forces it was immediately clear that there was a perfect fit. We share the same values, the same mission and the same ambition of creating a global enduring company. Their expertise in the travel industry, in addition to their large network of suppliers and customers, will help accelerate our growth. Our expertise in mobile and in the budget accommodations space will contribute to and expand their services.

WeHostels will not only continue to exist but it will actually be empowered and its growth will be accelerated. We will continue making our apps better, we will be launching more really cool mobile products to help young people travel and we will make our brand be known all over the world. We will keep working hard to accomplish our mission.

We are extremely thankful for all who have traveled with us on this journey: our community who trusted us when booking their trips, the team members who helped build the company, the great hostelers and partners who believed in our vision, the investors and advisors who supported our venture, Endeavor for opening countless doors of opportunity, Startup

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Chile for taking a chance on us, our families and friends who encouraged us unconditionally, and everyone who believed and rooted for us. We will be forever grateful.

This is only a new step along the way. We have learned that it is possible to turn your dreams into reality and we are still hungry to have more impact in the world. Expect more exciting news from us in the next few months. Feel free to contact us with any comments or swing by our office in New York for coffee anytime. Let’s keep working together to make the world a more united place!

Diego and the WeHostels Team

About Diego Saez-Gil

Co-founder & CEO of WeHostels. Entrepreneur and traveler.
  • antoniocapo

    Congratulations Diego! You’ve had one heck of a ride …and another one is just beginning.

    • Diego

      Thank you my friend! I hope to see you soon!

  • Pablo Grandinetti

    Felicitaciones chicos!!!!

    • Diego

      Gracias Pablo! Hablemos pronto!

  • DMarx

    Congrats dude!

    • Diego

      Thanks man! Looking fwd to doing more things with HI!

  • Marta Cruz

    Felicitaciones LOCOMOTORA! :)

    • Diego

      Gracias Marta! Sin ustedes no lo habríamos logrado!

  • http://www.rentini.com/ vadimoss

    Dude, its inspiring to see your passion bringing you to the next level! I share your values and am super happy to see you making such a positive impact in the youth world. Keep it up!